About Us

We are an avant-garde technology and research organization that is dedicated to building trust and transparency in the real world.


Using ‘Distributed Ledgers’ as our core technology coupled with ‘Machine Learning’, we are creating digital economies to create a new world for enterprise, government and consumers.

Our vision is to create a world where privacy is a fundamental right, where our data is secure and belongs to us. A global currency that has real value; where piracy does not exist and freedom of expression is encouraged. Where wealth is shared to reduce poverty and all governance is transparent and trusted to make life better for everyone.


Best Payment Security – 2019

Best Blockchain Security – 2019

Best Emerging Security – 2019


Vishwas Bhushan
Research & Development

Vikram Anand
Product & Engineering

Irfan Khan
Business & Strategy

Dev Gurung
Product Engineer

Soorea Likitha
Research Engineer

Juzer Ali
Product Engineer


Janmajoy Chhotroy
Technology & Systems Integration

Luka Sučić
Investments & Finance