The Blockchain Authenticator

by Nov 29, 2019Blockchain, Decentralization

Are you looking for a simple and quick way to access blockchain features and applications?

 As you may already be aware, users cannot directly access Blockchains using their current credentials (username and password), since Blockchains only understand cryptographic key-pairs. In this case, the IDP has to manage another set of credentials (crypto key-pair) in order for users to interact with Blockchains. Therefore, there need to be multiple identities for per user which is cumbersome to manage.

 Obviously, enterprise users cannot give up on legacy systems overnight, but the need to move towards access decentralized environments is the way forward for the future. We would like to introduce you to our solution – Hypersign, the protocol can be easily integrated with any SSO [including key-cloak] using our HypersignSign – Authenticator[HSAuth]. HS-Auth helps users to login into any application [Webapp or Dapp] without the need to use their existing having username/password – i.e. Passwordless authentication. Once a user logs in, Hypersign helps to form and submit transactions using our Hypersign-SDK, making it simple to move between legacy centralized apps to decentralise environments.

We are currently looking for partners to help test our solution, if you would be interested in partnering with us, please do contact myself or my teams [email protected] and [email protected]